[tangible memories] love your pics daily with wall displays

Take a look around your house and really notice how you decorate your walls. Now be honest, when you acquired that giant copy of a Van Gogh that hangs over your couch, you didn't think twice about it, did you? So why would you hesitate when it comes to hanging your own pictures on your wall?? I know that people often don't see pictures of themselves as artwork, or maybe they do but they wouldn't compare them to a famous painting. But really... that image of you is an original, and it's a unique piece of art in your home! Besides, you didn't invest in professional photos just to have a new picture for your wallet, or even a 5x7 for your desk.

On the other hand, you might just be overwhelmed by the idea of figuring out what to hang on the wall, where to hang it, how big it should be, etc. It's easy to think, I'll just give it some thought and figure it out later, but we both know how that goes. You might not know this, but this is actually part of what I do as your photographer. I help you decide where to hang your images and what sizes you need, and I deliver them to you ready to go up on the wall. And you don't have to stare at your wall, going back and forth with the tape measure, trying to envision what this would look like. As your photographer, I'll put together some mock-ups of your rooms so that you can see how something that you thought might be overwhelmingly huge actually fits very nicely in your space.

Here's what a mock-up might look like. This collection has a 30x20 piece in the center, flanked by two 16x20 pieces.

If you like an asymmetrical look, you could try an arrangement like this. The large piece on the right is 16x24, and on the left are two 8x12 pieces above a 17x11.

Or if you are just interested in one large portrait, you might like this idea. This piece is 70x40.

Narrow space? Try a vertical arrangement. This corner might look small, but these three 18x12 pieces still fit easily.

Still think an 8x10 is plenty big for your wall? Would you really enjoy that Van Gogh at this size?