Family Visit

Last week my mother-in-law and her best friend came to visit us in Massachusetts for a week. They spent some time on their own driving through Vermont and New Hampshire, but last Thursday Eric and I were able to rearrange puppy duty so that I could go with them to Mystic Seaport, Connecticut! We had a lot of fun! On the way to Mystic, we stopped at Fort Trumbull and walked around. There were TONS of seagulls flying around!

We got to Mystic around lunchtime, so before exploring we grabbed a bite to eat at one of the cafes.

After lunch we spent a few hours roaming around and seeing all kinds of things going on around Mystic Seaport, with a functioning reconstructed maritime town where they hand-craft all the parts they need for their ships, and where there is a shipyard that is still operating.

We had a really great time, and Eric and I are looking forward to more family visits, coming up soon! :)

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