[personal] exploring creativity


Yesterday I took some time off to hang out with family who came to visit, so Monday's blog is up this morning. I had mentioned in last week's post that I wanted to open up Monday morning posts to more photography personal work. Last weekend I played around with an idea I got from another photographer: shooting through chandelier crystals. The effect I had seen in other work had been like a double exposure. This happened because the crystal she worked with was mostly flat and only had one bevel on each side, which refracted the light coming through and created the same image on both faces of that side of the crystal. The crystal I worked with last week was a more traditional teardrop crystal, which has quite a bit more beveling going on. The result was that I had a much smaller area of focus to work with, and the other faces were too small to duplicate the image. Instead, what I got was a more abstract effect, which was also pretty neat. I also tried holding the crystal right up against my lens just to cast a glow on the image, and I got some really nice simulated sun flare, which you can see in the bottom image.

I'd still like to find a larger, more flat crystal to work with, but it was a fun experiment! If you enjoy playing around with creative photography ideas, then you'll have fun using different objects to shoot through and to cover your lens somehow for different in-camera effects. If you decide to give this a try, I'd love to see what you come up with! Leave a comment and post a link to your pics on Facebook, Flickr, your blog, or wherever you post!