{PERSONAL} Baby Avery

On Thursday, December 29, 2011, I witnessed the most amazing miracle while I was visiting my family for Christmas: my sister gave birth to my precious new niece, Avery Grace. Okay, so I wasn't there in the delivery room, but I was in the waiting area with my parents and some of my and my brother-in-law's family when the nurse came out, smiling, and said "9:43! She was born! Seven pounds, eleven ounces! She's beautiful!" And beautiful she is. Not only was I there, but my whole dad's side of the family was in town visiting for Christmas--family from both sides of the US! The timing was simply perfect. After letting my sister and her husband have some time to rest and get to know their new little family member, we all went to the hospital that evening to meet her. Avery is my parents' first grandbaby, so it was a crazy exciting time! These are just some of the photos I captured during our visit, and they still make me tear up and smile.

Welcome to the world, Avery Grace!

P.S. Like I said, I wasn't in the delivery room... but their photographer was! How awesome to be there to see and capture such an exciting part of a family's life! Click here to see some beautiful images and a birth story video so moving you'll cry every time, by uber-talented Lane Proffitt Heinsch!