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First, a quick note about an exciting new look coming next week! The new branding for Maria Clark Photography is finally ready! There is a new logo, new colors, and an awesome new vibe, and I am so stoked to reveal everything with this Monday's edition of Soul Food! Here's a little hint...

Just as a heads-up, the site will be under construction this coming Sunday evening, and will be back up and brand new for Soul Food on Monday morning! Check back for the new look!

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If you caught last Monday's Soul Food post, you know that I found myself up against a creative wall and had to have Fibi teach me to see the world anew. Well, in an effort to follow through on that, I decided to do some exploring this week.

Tuesday was a pretty nice day--sunny and not too bitter cold (for New England)--so Eric and I took Feebs to the park across the street. We found that, although our yard had finally recovered from the crazy snowstorm we had a month ago, that was not the case everywhere. The baseball field was so wet and muddy, even Fibi was not excited about running around in it (although she's a bit of a diva dog). Still, we had a great time, and it was nice to walk around and just notice the outdoors again. Our walk was fairly short, but I did get a few good pics of the warm light of the sunset just brushing the treetops for a minute. It was such a brilliant gold, it looked like the fall colors were back.

Fibi demonstrates her methods of exploration. Gotta put your nose to the ground and be ready to get a little muddy.


Tonight we're getting another few inches of snow, so I also went out and grabbed a few shots of the soft flakes piling up on tiny little twigs.


I have a feeling the warmer months will be much more productive in the way of photography experiments. For now I'll just be proud of myself for spending some time out in the cold snowy night for the sake of creativity.

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