{PERSONAL} How To Pose Your Dog

The past few weeks have been so busy, I just realized a few days ago that's it's been almost a month since my last post---waaaaay too long! SOOOOO... I thought I would share with you some things I've been working on. Among my goals for this year are to be much more diligent in studying photographic technique and to practice shooting A LOT, so that I can really get a handle on flow and so that the technical stuff will become more second-nature. One of my favorite subjects to photograph is our dog, Fibi. Being a 7-month-old pit bull mix pup, she is really not the easiest subject to work with. But since she's so adorable, I do my best to make it work. [HINT: treats!] I've been using her for a lot of practice, primarily with lighting and posing, and have become pretty good at getting her to sit and stay where I want her long enough to get the shot I'm looking for. Here are several images that I love and that really showcase different parts of her personality well. I also noted on each image what technical aspects I was focusing on. Naturally, composition is always important, and it was a factor in every image, but some images were specifically composition practice. Plus some work with photojournalism and getting the moments! Enjoy!