[personal] I just wanna have a good time...


A couple of weeks ago, I posted a few teaser photos from a dance shoot I did with my friend Liz. Well, the final artwork is finished! This is an exciting piece for me, as it is the first time that I have done something that was planned from the start to involve heavy processing and graphic design work with my images (learned a LOT of cool Photoshop techniques!). It was also the first time I've rented studio space and equipment for a specific project. I'm typically a location photographer, so doing studio work was a really different and fun experience! I'm also excited that this piece looks very much like I originally envisioned it! Of course, I could not have made this happen without Liz--she rented the dress early so that we could use it before her competition, she did the same dance moves over and over for me so that I could capture the poses at just the right moments, and she did her own totally fabulous hair and makeup just for this shoot! Everything about this project was so much fun!

The shoot was inspired by the 1920s glam style of "The Great Gatsby," and the concept for the artwork was inspired by the song "Where the Wind Blows," by Coco O., on the soundtrack of the new Gatsby movie.

Get the song on iTunes here.