{PERSONAL} Life is Beautiful

Last week I was working in my office, with my eyes glued to my computer as usual. When I snapped out of my editing zone and realized my eyes needed a break, I turned and looked out my window just for a second... then I did a double take. Every day the sun sets outside my office window, and for some reason this was the first time I'd ever noticed how beautiful it was. I actually picked up my camera and went out to my backyard to take a picture of it. It was a perfect moment of peace and solitude to remind me not to get so buried in my work that I forget there is life happening all around me.

The moon also looked neat hanging just above these tree limbs...

This last photo was taken on my flight to Nashville last Friday evening. I left in mid-afternoon, so I got to watch the entire sunset from the clouds.

Photos like these remind me of how seldom I pick up my camera in these kinds of moments... but I really should more often.