[personal] Photoshop: Uncharted Waters


Last week I drifted into Photoshop waters I hadn't yet explored. I often look to other artists' work for inspiration, and lately I've become enthralled with artistic post-processing techniques. The idea behind this week's technique is to layer one image on top of another image and basically wrap the top image around the contours of the bottom image. The technical term for it is a "displacement map," and if you're into Photoshop, you can find a great tutorial on this here. It uses the highlights and shadows of the bottom image to inform the top image of how the surface curves and moves. Typically I've seen displacement maps used to wrap an image or texture around a person's face, so I worked with that idea for my first try, and I think it came out pretty neat. Eric said that the first image looks like warpaint. I'll take it. :) I know it will take a lot more experimentation to get this to really look good, but it was a fun challenge, and it's always fun to learn more of the power of Photoshop!

butterfly source: http://www.butterflyutopia.com/BIG/019a-monarch_butterfly.jpg