[personal] saturday morning scones

We slept in this morning. Until 11 am. ELEVEN! It was glorious. It's been a really long time since we've slept so late--especially without feeling guilty about it. I recommend it every once in a while. Like many Saturday mornings, we pulled out the eggs and bacon to make brunch. Just on a whim, I also picked up our Better Homes and Gardens cookbook to see if I could find a delicious add-on. We usually make biscuits, but I'm not a huge fan of them, so I kept scanning the page. Then my eyes found the listing for orange scones. And after skimming the ingredients list I realized that we had everything we needed, including oranges (thanks to my BFF Mel who grabbed some at the grocery on her visit last weekend). Nice.

These were super easy, and I swear they looked good enough to sit in a display case at a local café. And OMG they were delicious! Breakfast breads and pastries are fun to experiment with, especially since they take advantage of a lot of stock pantry items (well, at least most Southern kitchens have everything on hand). We'll definitely keep this recipe on tap for another lazy Saturday morning.