[personal] the last blondie EVER...

Eric and I aren't the kind of couple to go all out on Valentine's Day, but we do have one little tradition: we always go to Applebee's and share a blondie (for anyone who has not experienced this awesomeness, it's like a brownie but.. well.. blonde.. sizzling with hot maple butter and topped with ice cream). This tradition started in 2006, my senior year of college. Eric and I had been hanging out as friends for a few months but weren't quite dating then. I was working as a waitress that year and had elected to work Valentine's Day because, seriously, what else was I gonna do? After an interminable night of waiting on some rather demanding couples for rather insignificant tips (be extra nice to your waitresses on holidays, ya'll), I called Eric on my way home, since I'd missed a call from him while I was working. I vented to him briefly about my night, and he mentioned that he had just worn black all day, as this was his first solo Valentine's Day in several years. He invited me out to Applebee's to laugh about our mutually miserable holiday, and he shared a blondie with me. Fast forward to 2013. We went out to Applebee's tonight, per usual, for our eighth Valentine's Day blondie. EIGHT YEARS we have done this! And the waitress informed us that they were making them tonight, but the company had officially taken them off the menu. Why? I have no idea. Especially since she mentioned that a lot of people were pretty distraught over the disappearance of the blondie. Eric claims that he has never in his life been compelled to write a strongly worded letter to a corporation but that might change immediately.

Ya'll, I had every intention of taking a picture of this blondie to share with you, but we had to enjoy it to the max and there simply was no time. This is all that was left of our eight-year tradition.

It was delicious while it lasted--which was not long. If Eric's letter does not generate a response in the next 364 days, I suppose we'll be starting a new tradition next year.

Happy Valentine's Day!