[personal] working in small spaces

Since I've started integrating more personal projects into my work, Eric has taken the liberty of coming up with a ton a few ideas for me. I have a tendency when I shoot to take my models anywhere and everywhere that is remotely within walking distance of one really neat place... so I end up with shots from about 20 different neat places. Last week Eric challenged me to work in a small space--specifically, our garage. As it turns out, our garage is actually a pretty cool space, once you pull the cars out and move all the stuff. In order to keep myself focused, I introduced a couple of other limiting factors: I gave myself a "roll of 36" to work with (which means if I had to retake a shot because something wasn't right, I spent 2 shots), and I shot in black & white so that I could really pay attention to the light (which, by the way, happens to be amazing in my garage). These images are my absolute favorites from the set, and I will definitely be doing more work in this space. By the way, the last shot was taken with my Lensbaby Composer (they've updated that lens now to the Composer Pro). The effect is totally in camera. It's a really fun lens, and if you're into photography I would definitely recommend that you check it out!