[portraits] new: in-between sessions!

We live in a digital world. We are constantly pulling out our pocket cameras or our cell phones so that we don't miss an opportunity to capture all of the life and love that happens in between the big moments, like weddings, births, and graduations, because we know how important it is to have pictures of the day your baby got his first tooth--or lost his first tooth, or because you want to look back at pictures of your daughter getting ready for prom. But being the photographer in your own life often means you become detached from those events so that you can focus on getting good photographs. Well, I have an idea: let me do that for you! In-between sessions are short lifestyle sessions that fit into your schedule and free you up to be in those moments without worrying about getting all of the pictures, too. It takes most of the decision-making out of hiring a photographer by including a web gallery and a print product. I know that your time and energy are focused on your family, so let me work around you and your schedule. Enjoy being with your daughter on her first birthday. Don't worry, I got the picture of your dog in her party tutu.