Just a couple of months ago, I had the incredible opportunity to attend a seminar with one of my photography idols, world-renowned wedding photographer Jasmine Star. Jasmine is amazingly talented and dedicated to her business, and she is equally amazing at teaching new professionals about the ins and outs of building and maintaining a creative business. I have been fortunate enough to attend two of her seminars, and I always come away with new nuggets of wisdom. The experience of the day was made even better by the friends I made on our Pre-FIX Photowalk. Organized by Briana of Wake Up, Juliet, about 20-30 FIXers met up in the plaza of the Boston Public Library in the early afternoon. We spent about two or three hours meeting and talking, walking around in small groups, and practicing our photography using each other as models. Two from the group even volunteered to pose for an "engagement" shoot! We had so much fun and came away from the day with a ton of great photos and invaluable experience. No matter how much I practice on my own, I always find there is so much to learn both from other photographers and from putting myself on the other side of the lens once in a while.

I definitely had a great time seeing Jasmine's presentation, and being in that sort of educational environment always sparks new ideas and refreshed motivation in me. More than that, though, I am eternally grateful to Jasmine for creating this network of friends and fellow photographers. Maybe that was part of her intent from the beginning, or maybe it was just a happy byproduct of the event; either way, I've been given an awesome opportunity to exchange knowledge, ideas, services, and referrals, with these new friends, and it all started with Jasmine's generosity in sharing her business experiences and her infectious love of photography.

Here are a few of my favorite images from The FIX.

In case you're wondering about that last shot, we gave Jasmine a cake shaped like her dog, Polo. I like to think we instantly became her favorite stop on the tour. :)