welcome to the new home of maria clark photography!

The new site has been a long time in the making, and I am so excited that it is finally LIVE! There are some new things still in the works for the coming year, but I can't share just yet--gotta keep you hooked. ;) There may be tweaks over the next few months, but the new look is pretty much set. In addition to the new site, the biggest difference right now is the name change to Maria Clark Photography. It's not too different from the previous name, but it is important to me that my current and future clients, readers, and supporters feel more like they're connected with a person and not a business... because that's what Maria Clark Photography is: me. It's what I love and what I do, and it's a big part of who I am. So I offer a world of thanks to everyone in my life who has helped me come this far with my dreams, and for all of the continued support that keep me and Maria Clark Photography going. You guys rock! One technical note: The new site is active at both the previous URL, www.mclarkphoto.com, and at the new URL, www.mariaclarkphoto.com. For now, that will remain the case.

Oh gosh, I've been so busy lately working to get the new site ready and live that I haven't had much time to shoot or to blog! I can't leave you without a photo, so here's one from last month that I have coming soon on the blog: my new baby niece, Lola Maria.

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