[soul food] i get by with a little help from my friends

As you might know, we are in the process of remodeling our kitchen. We just wrapped up four weeks since demolition, and heading into week five we came upon a bit of a challenge. Lemme back up a bit. When we decided to remodel the kitchen, we elected to manage it ourselves instead of hiring a contractor. Fortunately, we have a couple of very good friends who are gifted with these types of projects and have spent a lot of their weekend hours helping us with this process. When we first tore out our old kitchen, they installed a temporary plug for our oven down in our basement so that we could continue to cook during this project. Well, last Friday we had to move the oven back up into the kitchen so that it would be in place for the guys who came to template the counter tops. However, our electrical work is not quite finished, so we can't plug the oven back in up there, and believe me it was not worth the stress of moving it back down to the basement.

That brings us to yesterday. We had no food ready for this week and no place to cook except the microwave and the toaster oven. So one of our friends who has already helped us so much with the kitchen offered his kitchen. In a matter of two and a half hours yesterday, we'd done our grocery shopping, gone over to his house, cooked dinner for everyone, made a casserole for breakfast, prepped a slow cooker pot roast for dinner tonight, cleaned their kitchen, and got back home in plenty of time to get some work done.

Seriously, it took me almost that long just to cook pancakes on the porch on Saturday. Having one day to work in a clean and functioning kitchen was so helpful. We have food for a few days, and by the time we need to cook again our electrical work should be done, so we can use our own stove.

I have no idea how Eric and I would have done this kitchen remodel without the awesome friends we have! In addition to doing amazing work on our kitchen, they opened up their home to us so that we wouldn't have to keep eating take-out. We're looking forward to the kitchen being ready in a couple of weeks so that we can have all of them over to have dinner at our house!