[soul food] learning from the pros


Last week I had the awesome opportunity to attend the Look Fabulous Tour and work closely with Lindsay Adler and Lou Freeman, two incredibly talented professionals who are world famous in the fashion and beauty photography industry. Can I just say that Lindsay and Lou totally ROCK?! It was an amazing experience to shoot with these women! They shared some of their favorite lighting setups and gave me personalized training to improve my skills and techniques! The workshop focused primarily on lighting and posing, and how to bring a fashion flair to portrait images. We got to work with some fabulous models. One was a sweet Southern Belle from Georgia, who seriously made me feel right at home, being a Southern transplant myself. The experience opened up my mind to so many other creative ideas and ways to infuse a fashion flair into my work. I cannot wait to try out some new ideas! Here are a handful of my favorites from the workshop.