[soul food] 30 Going On 13


Last Thursday was Eric's 30th birthday. For once, I had no idea what to get him, but it had to be epic. After all, this is a new decade for him. There was only one thing I knew of that he'd wanted the entire seven years we'd been together. So I went with it. I got him a pair of Heelys. In case you missed the '90s or haven't seen all the signs around the mall prohibiting these, Heelys are skate shoes. You just tip back on your heels and skate across the floor. And Eric, my 30-year-old husband, totally loves them. He even wore them to work on his birthday and had fun showing all of his students how he could skate down the hall. It was amazing. Folks, this is the man I married. And I wouldn't change a thing. Happy Birthday, Eric!