[soul food] into the mist

Last weekend's snowstorm was followed by some rain and varied temperatures that gave way to a great deal of fog. Now, I've seen a lot of fog in the area since we moved to Massachusetts, but usually it only happens in the morning and it dissipates in the sunshine within a couple of hours. One day last week was extremely foggy, and it lasted all day and into the night. On my way home from the grocery store that evening I noticed it was still very thick, and it was difficult to see very far in any direction. It was just one of those moments that reminded me that the path ahead is not always clear--an idea that resonates with me quite a bit, especially in my photography--business and personal. As the kind of person who prefers the comfort of knowing what the destination is, where the path ends, and what the road to get there looks like, the idea of such mystery covering the way can be very unsettling. It is easy to let fear convince me to turn back. But where would that lead me? Back to the beginning? In circles? Into another wilderness? As Eric, Fibi, and I were walking later that night, I noticed that even though visibility was low, I could see the glow of the streetlights through the mist. It made me realize that even when I can't see the road very well I can look for other guiding lights to pull me through the uncertainties... that mystery does not have to give rise to fear. Over and over, I have found incredible blessings and rewards when I continue on into the mist.


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