[soul food] life lessons from a dog

Ya'll, we're only in the beginning of March, and I think the excitement and enthusiasm of 2013 is finally starting to catch up with me. There's so much involved in this passion-turned-career that so many days I feel like I have 1,000 things on my to-do list that should have been done yesterday.

Yes, I definitely still LOVE it; and no, I don't want to quit; but seriously, I have no idea where all of my time went, or what happened to the other hobbies I used to have. Thank goodness I've made time to keep running.

Most photographers (among others, creatives especially) would have you believe that every single day is a dream come true, and, well, it is... but it isn't. This dream is a really really big one that happens over a long time and is made up of lots of smaller moments. Some of these moments are amazingly fun, and some are less exciting nitty-gritty necessities, but they all take incredible energy and enthusiasm that is supposed to flow through me like an IV drip. And every now and then I feel like I need to recharge. But this happens periodically, and this isn't the first time, so fortunately I know how to handle it.

It's okay to do that once in a while. It helps restore energy, creativity, and the drive to keep doing what I love doing. Then I wake up with new eyes again.


Every time she goes outside, the same smells are new again, and she has to investigate. The same people, dogs, and other animals are exciting new friends. Every sound is something happening that she has to be a part of. Everything is FUN!

Her method:

So I'm gonna take a proverbial nap today (and--let's be honest--probably an actual nap, too). And tomorrow I'll stand up, refresh (maybe some water, maybe a cappuccino... we'll see), and I'll go exploring.