[soul food] my confidence boots

One of my favorite episodes of Scrubs is "My American Girl." Elliot is a medical intern at Sacred Heart hospital and is constantly battling self-confidence issues. In this episode she decides it's time to make a change in her life to give herself a new attitude and a new perspective. She goes and gets a trendy haircut, a makeover, and a whole new wardrobe style, then she walks around the hospital like she owns it, giving orders and making decisions the way she's supposed to as a doctor. The thing is, Elliot got a new look but she's still the same person... so what changed? Sometimes you have to make a change you can see to make a change that you feel. It's not always easy just to tell yourself to stop being self-conscious and be awesome instead (unless you're Barney Stinson, but that's a different favorite show). An outer change can effect an internal change. One Christmas several years ago, my parents gave me a pair of cowgirl boots I'd been wanting for months. I have no idea what it was about them that was so powerful to me, but I just felt a surge of self-confidence when I wore them. I started wearing them when I knew I was going to need that confident feeling, but after a while I learned that it was all in my attitude. It took me a long time to stop relying on my cowgirl boots for my confidence, but they definitely taught me how to make that change in myself. I still feel pretty awesome when I wear them, and I have since generalized this feeling of awesomeness to all of my boots... which would explain why I have so many.

Stay awesome. Happy Monday!