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Last week I got some great responses to my post about how I unplug. Quite a few suggestions were outdoor activities--hiking, biking, yardwork, and just generally being outside to enjoy the fresh air. First, I want to say thanks so much for your comments! It's so cool to hear back from my readers and get a conversation going! So this week I want to share with you an unplugged activity that Eric and I are diving into this year: gardening! I have always thought it would be neat to have a garden and grow some of my own food, but I have never had much knowledge about gardening or put in the time to learn about it. Since we moved to Massachusetts, we've become friends with several people who are avid gardeners, and today we spent some time with our friends Dave and Dani who showed us around their garden and helped us get started.

Dave has been gardening for several years and has a nice big garden going with lots of different vegetables. This year he planted peas, which are a climbing vegetable, so they are growing at the base of a big frame of netting. He also planted some garlic this year, which has already started to sprout, along with his beets and spinach!

Dave showed us how to start seeds indoors, so that they have some time to germinate while we wait for the end of the cold season. He gave us some radicchio seeds to add to the few things we bought.

So far we have some romaine lettuce and arugula that is already coming up, we started some seeds for baby roma tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, bell peppers, and jalapeños, and we have white onion bulbs that are ready to be planted. We now also have radicchio and salad mix lettuce seeds from Dave. We are starting small to try and get a feel for how to keep up a garden, but I'm hoping that we can add more things soon. I can't wait to cook with our delicious veggies! If you enjoy gardening, what types of produce do you like to plant? Do you have a favorite?

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