[soul food] small victories

Senior season starts next week! We're kicking off with some senior model sets that are shaping up to be pretty much awesome, and I seriously CAN.NOT.WAIT.! Things have been crazy around my house lately (but when is life not crazy, huh?). We finally got our garden tilled up, fenced in, and planted some lettuce sprouts that were just about to outgrow their cell pods. And since one major project isn't enough of a challenge for us, we also decided to undertake a full kitchen renovation at the same time! Fortunately, for that one we have some awesome friends who are tremendously helpful in helping us do everything right and do it well. We've ripped out cabinets, knocked a hole in the wall (carefully), rerouted plumbing, and now we're working on tearing up two layers of gross vinyl flooring. Anyway, all that to say that lately I have been starved for extra time to pull my camera out. I think the creator in me snapped just a little but, because a couple of nights ago I decided--model or no model--I had to photograph something. Anything. So Eric handed me a few dice and said, "Here. Go do whatever you have to do to make a photo of these that isn't boring." So I threw them on my desk and popped off a few shots:

Way to go, Maria, you just shot a stock image for Yahtzee. Yeah, I know... BORING.

Then I pulled out my flash and added that in. I moved it around, threw some tissue paper over it, and came up with these:

THAT'S what I'm talking 'BOUT! I especially enjoyed the bit of reflection going on in the image on the right, because the dice were sitting on the black painted surface of my desk. It's cool to see what a little flash power can do to a surface that's covered in three coats of polyurethane.

I went to bed happy that night. Yes my downstairs is in shambles, yes I'm scraped up from doing kitchen demolition and digging up my yard, and yes I'm completely wiped out at 9pm, but I got a couple of pics that made something ordinary look pretty neat. Small victories, folks. Sometimes, that's all you have to keep you going.

**BTW, like I said, Senior Season starts next weekend! If you haven't booked your senior portraits yet, jump on it! Special deals for early birds! Just click the little envelope button below, or click CONNECT, to send a message straight to my email. Can't wait to chat with ya!