[soul food] snow day

This past weekend we had a huge snowstorm in the Northeast. Our area got two feet, which is the biggest snow these two Southern kids have ever seen! We were fortunate to be in an area that did not lose power, so we really enjoyed the snow--watching it fall, wading through it, and playing in it. Fibi discovered that she loves the snow, too! If you caught my blog post earlier this week about why I do what I do, or my first Soul Food post about gratitude, you know how much I love my family and how I value my time with them. These few snow days were awesome to catch up on some QT with Eric and the pup. Work was closed on Friday, so we've enjoyed three days of just slowing down and being together. The pictures say everything.

Fibi's first glimpse of the crazy amount of snow outside.

This is how the snow measured up after Eric plowed the driveway.

Fun in the backyard!

We had to dig out her doghouse!

Eric took the camera to get a few shots of me, too.

Ever the protector, Fibi kept her watch on Nemo from the front window.

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