[soul food] unplugged


Last week I had an awful headache. It went on for three days before I realized it wasn't going to go away on its own. I had assumed it just came about from a night of poor-quality sleep (or not enough sleep, which is more likely the case with a night owl like me). Halfway through the week, though, it was clear that this headache was being perpetuated by spending too many hours a day looking at a backlit screen. Now, for starters, I work an office job during the day where I do most of my work on the computer. Can't really do much about that. I also spend quite a few hours in front of my own computer with photography work. I have a little bit of flexibility among tasks there, but most of what I do is on the computer. Outside of that, though, I've caught myself spending a lot of unnecessary time on my iPhone and in front of the television, and those things are totally under my control. So when I finally figured out the problem, I decided to try unplugging as much as possible. Last weekend I left my phone in my purse most of the time, instead of in front of my face in my pocket, and I decided to find other fun things to do besides watch TV. On Saturday my friend Liz and I took Fibi to the park and did some location scouting. With Fibi leading the way, we had a lovely LONG walk through the woods. We also had some fun doing test shots and trying new shooting techniques. Yesterday, instead of watching the Netflix movie that we've had for two weeks, Eric and I decided to go see the theatre production on campus, and it was great! The show was a lot of fun, we had  a nice little date, and we even saw some friends there! It was a huge (and wonderful!) change from the typical weekends we spend at home, constantly trying to catch up on work and decompressing with TV shows. Not only did my headache go away pretty quickly, but I also had a lot more energy. I should really get out more often.

So, what's your favorite way to unplug?