[soul food] veggie noms


I love eating. I like to eat food that is delicious, and I'll go out of my way quite often to make a huge mess of the kitchen for something tasty. In general, when it comes to cooking at home, I'm an omnivore. Seriously, when Eric and I plan meals for the week we open the freezer, take stock of what types of meat we have, and decide what dishes and dinners we can make that center around beef, chicken, seafood, or whatever we have. We are definitely not anti-vegetarian, we just aren't very skilled at cooking yummy vegetarian foods. Most of my experience with vegetarian food comes from my aunt, whose food is always AH.maze.!, but even she says that really good vegetarian cooking is often time-consuming and tedious. It's a lifestyle that takes a lot of dedication. Every now and then, though, we go all in for something that is too delicious not to try on our own.

Last week we decided to tackle a vegetarian recipe that my aunt made for Thanksgiving dinner last year: Zucchini and Basil Filo with Pine Nuts, from The Green's Cookbook. I have seriously been thinking about this recipe for the past 4 months, it was so good. Also, turns out it wasn't all that complicated!

The filling is a mixture of about 6 shredded zucchinis, small tub of pine nuts toasted, crumbled feta and parmesan cheeses, chopped red onion, minced garlic, some fresh basil and parsley, white wine, and a couple of eggs to hold everything together.

We sauteed the onions until soft, then added the shredded zucchini, white wine, garlic, and fresh herbs.

In a bowl, we beat the eggs and mixed in the cheeses, then added the sauteed zucchini mixture. The recipe calls for forming little filo triangles, but I prefer the more entree style of the layered pie--much like spanakopita (another of my favorite veggie dishes!). We used a mixture of melted butter and olive oil to coat the baking dish and brush over each layer of filo. We layered 5 sheets of filo and then spread part of the filling. It only takes a half box of filo dough, and we ended up with four layers of filo sheets and three layers of filling. Brush the top of the pie and pop in the oven for about 45 minutes until nice and crispy!

This dish is so yummy! We enjoyed it for several meals!

What is your favorite food to cook? I'd love to hear about your epic culinary successes--or total mishaps (we have our share of those, too)! Feel free to post them in the comments!